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Digital Main Street

Digital Main Street

ShopHERE - Creates Shopify online stores or integrates e-commerce functionality to your existing website. Available for independent small businesses and artists at no cost. Small businesses with less than 10 employees (or 25 for restaurants) are eligible for this program.

Digital Service Squads - Digital Service Squads (DSS) are teams of trained specialists who meet with small businesses, at no cost to help them improve their online presence, including developing a Google My Business profile, enhancing their social media presence and providing support for basic website and e-commerce set-up. Complete the form to set up a meeting with a St. Catharines DSS member.

Find out more about the Province-wide DMS initiatives at:

Free webinar every Thursday at 11:30 a.m.

- How An Online Store Can Boost Your Business: Free Ontario Program

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DMS Programs

ShopHERE powered by Google

Have an online e-commerce website built for you for free.

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of having an online presence to sell goods and services. To address this need, Digital Main Street is collaborating with Google, Shopify, Mastercard and Microsoft to build and optimize online stores for small independent businesses and artists in just a matter of days.

As part of the program, businesses and artists will receive:

  • Choice of an online store customized with their information, branding, logo, etc.

  • Hands-on assistance setting up and launching their online store.

  • Training to support their online store, including topics such as digital marketing, shipping and inventory management.

  • Access to free tools to help support the launch of their online stores.

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Future Proof

Detailed deep dive to support business transformation.

Future Proof assists businesses with identifying new markets, pivoting business model, and developing and implementing a deep digital transformation plan.

The program is meant as a detailed deep dive to support businesses that require support in either transforming their business model or developing and implementing an advanced digital transformation plan.

Building on valuable COVID-19 support measures from the federal government, and layering niche, added-value on to existing main street business programs and services, this new program will help ‘future proof’ our small business’ and drive recovery.

It will ensure main street firms are well equipped to maintain clients, jobs and revenue in any economic storm, and continue to operate and grow in any climate.

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About Digital Main Street

Digital Main Street (DMS) is a program focused on assisting main street small businesses (MSB) with their adoption of technologies. Through a partnership with FedDev Ontario and the Province of Ontario, grant opportunities are available to enable this digital transformation process. The Digital Transformation Grant (DTG) program will provide funding for training, advisory support, and contributions to main street small businesses looking to increase their capacity through digital transformation.


All Figure

All Figure

All Figure is using a Digital Transformation Grant to implement a search engine marketing and social media strategy to help drive more traffic to its website and bricks-and-mortar store.




{Pocket}CHANGE used a $2,500 Digital Transformation Grant from Digital Main Street to give her website more than just a facelift. The grant helped her improve her website’s customer experience making her website easier to navigate and easier to find, which has resulted in more online and in-person sales.

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