We're Launching a Blog

Posted Nov 3rd, 2015 in News & Updates

We're Launching a Blog


If you’ve ever driven by companies in our city and wondered to yourself, “What do they do?” or wanted to hear about the interesting things made here or just great company stories, then we have a new blog for you!

We’re going to be highlighting all those things and a whole bunch more that you may not have heard about before.

Business in St. Catharines is a thriving community with a great story to tell and we’re going to tell it!

There have been transitions, comebacks and unique histories all on top of the exciting events happening now! We’ll be talking about downtown, manufacturing and everything in between. It’s a story we’re excited to tell and hope you’ll be just as excited to discover it.

If you have an interesting story we can feature we’d love to hear it. You can email us at ecdev@stcatharines.ca and give us a brief overview and we’ll get in touch!

Happy reading!

The Economic Development Team