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Professional, Engineering, Scientific, Business Support & Technical Services

St. Catharines is seeing significant growth in the professional sector with opportunities for higher skilled service jobs seeing double-digit growth.

Why Professionals Choose St. Catharines

St. Catharines is attracting highly skilled professionals working in fields ranging from engineering, finance, and scientific services. As professionals in these fields may not require face-to-face personal interaction with their clients, they have the opportunity to find more affordable locations to work from that offer lifestyle advantages.

While there are many examples of firms and independent professionals that have chosen St. Catharines as their home, there are great opportunities for regional and satellite operations for GTA-based companies.

Professional / Technical Sector Job Growth

Professional / Technical Sector Job Growth

Attract Professional & Technical Services to St. Catharines

Promote St. Catharines as a location for professional, engineering, scientific, business support and technical services

Action 1

Corporate Calling

Retain and strengthen the presence of existing firms via the City’s corporate calling program.

Action 2

Prospects & Propositions

Define the best near-term prospects and identify / develop value propositions for St. Catharines as a location for professional and technical service sub-sectors.

Action 3

Community Improvement Program

Monitor and promote the availability of suitable commercial office space, outlining incentives within the Community Improvement Program.

Action 4

Ontario Climate Change Action Plan

Participate in the evaluation and pursuit of relevant opportunities related to the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan for the City of St. Catharines, post-secondary educational institutions and businesses.

Action 5

Smart City Designation

Identify processes that will allow St. Catharines to achieve Smart City Designation.

Performance Metrics
Retain & Attract Professional & Technical Services

Number of business retained
Expansion projects
New investments
BRE calls and meetings
Contacts and leads established
Investment-related events

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