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Cross-Cutting Technologies Sector

St. Catharines is investing in Cross-Cutting Technology sector to ensure all sectors can benefit from the advantages technology companies bring to a city.

Why It's Critical to Cities & St. Catharines

While not a traditional industry-based sector, it is critical for a city to make technology business growth a priority for the benefit of all sectors.  The pace and breadth of technological changes across all industries make it unique.

Talent is the key, as it can move across all traditional sectors and nurture overall economic growth.

Innovation Rich Ecosystem in Niagara

Key Partnerships




Support & Grow Tech Across Sectors

Encourage the evolution, application and adoption of converging digitally based technologies that are influencing nearly all sectors; promote the City's talent pool, research assets and innovation culture.

Action 1

Connect Education With Corporate Calling

Strengthen existing relationships/ networks with educational and institutional organizations via the City’s corporate calling program.

Action 2

Publish & Maintain Talent Pool Information

Assemble, keep current and present detailed information on the digitally enabled talent pool that can be accessed by businesses based in
St. Catharines.

Action 3

Connect Tech With All Service Sectors

Support initiatives to connect existing businesses across all sectors with relevant cross-cutting technologies and the creative sector.

Performance Metrics
Demonstrate Tech Talent Capacity

The key measure is the extent to which St. Catharines can demonstrate digitally based capacity and availability of talent and attract related investments.

  • Brock University


    Brock LINC is Brock University’s home to creativity, innovation, research and entrepreneurship. Spaces, programs and resources are open to students, researchers and community members.

    Learn More

    Brock Institute for Scientific Computation

    BISC works to promote multi-disciplinary and collaborative research that uses high-performance computers to generate and/or analyse scientific and research data.

    Learn More

    Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute

    CCOVI is an internationally recognized research institute focused on research priorities of the Canadian grape and wine industry, and the continuing educational and outreach services needs of that community.
    Learn More

    Environmental Sustainability Research Centre

    EESRC is a transformative and creative transdisciplinary community dedicated to research and education advancing environmental sustainability locally and globally.

    Learn More

    Goodman Group

    Goodman Group brings together the expertise and experience of the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. Delivering services and programming for the Brock and Niagara community, Goodman Group provides direct access to a full range of learning and development services offered by the faculty, staff and students with focuses on building capacity through partnerships, serving the 21st century learner.

    Learn More
  • Niagara College

    Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre

    Niagara College's CFWI team offers a full suite of services to support industry innovation and commercialization of new products and processes, from new recipe development to shelf-life testing and nutritional labelling.

    Learn More

    Horticultural & Environmental Sciences Innovation Centre

    Niagara College’s HESIC team specializes in performing growth trials with horticultural crops that evaluate innovations and improvements. HESIC has extensive experience in innovations that are close to commercialization. Expertise includes assessing technologies, production practices, packaging, media and pots, pest and disease control approaches and more.

    Learn More

    Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre

    The WAMIC team specializes in engineering design, 3D technologies, lean manufacturing processes and additive manufacturing and works with Southern Ontario businesses to bring ideas to life, from concept through to developing working prototypes, utilizing leading-edge technology, including equipment and software.

    Learn More

    Digital Technology Solutions

    Each of Niagara College's Innovation Centres has the capability to work with small- and medium-sized businesses to assist with the design, creation and implementation of various technology applications, including PC, web and mobile applications, as well as 3D visualization, sensor development, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

    Learn More

    Rankin Technology Centre

    A 120,000 square-foot complex that is home to Niagara College's School of Technology and features labs with state-of-the-art equipment.


    Niagara College's hub for entrepreneurship awareness, education and acceleration.

    Learn More
  • Innovate Niagara

    Innovate Niagara is one of 17 Regional Innovation Centres in Ontario and exist to support innovative entrepreneurs and companies from a variety of industries start, grow and succeed.

    Learn More

  • Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation (SONAMI)

    SONAMI is a network of colleges and one university, who, through their respective research and innovation centres, are collaborating with small- and medium-sized companies to turn innovations into commercialized products.

    Learn More

  • Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

    Canada’s leader in horticulture-related innovation, from research and development to commercialization, with a mission to improve the economic viability, sustainability and competitiveness of Canadian horticulture with impactful action

    Learn More

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