General Motors Receives Funding For Major Project at St.Catharines Plant

Posted Dec 13th, 2017 in News & Updates

General Motors Receives Funding For Major Project at St.Catharines Plant The Government of Ontario has announced that General Motors of Canada will be amongst the first recipients of its new TargetGHG fund for a proposed 6.4 megawatt co-generation plant to generate power and heat its St.Catharines Propulsion Plant.

The proposed project, which is a partnership with Alectra Utilities, Integrated Gas Recovery Services, as well as the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science through the TargetGHG fund, will use renewable landfill gas to generate electricity while harnessing thermal energy to power and heat the plant. The impact of the project will reduce overall costs to power the plant and cut greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 77 per cent making it a cleaner and more efficient plant.

The announcement comes as a part of the provincial government’s investment through Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) of over $74 million in the TargetGHG program, which supports companies in the adoption of technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help fight climate change. In total, the dollar value of the investment in the St.Catharines plant will be $46.8 million from partners in the project.

The co-generation plant will be the first of its kind, using leading edge technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while making the St.Catharines plant one of GM’s lowest emission facilities globally. More information on the project and its impact can be found here.