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Financial Post: Niagara’s secret superpower in manufacturing

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Financial Post: Niagara’s secret superpower in manufacturing

Niagara’s secret superpower in manufacturing

Niagara has deep industrial roots that date back to hydropower on the Niagara River in the late 19th century, with a uniquely nimble, talented and resilient industrial workforce that has adapted to changing markets ever since. Niagara was a hotbed for automotive manufacturing in the 20th century, with three General Motors plants, a Dana Canada plant, and countless smaller companies producing parts and proprietary products.

The region has since pivoted to develop a large group of small and medium-sized manufacturing firms that leverage the unique breadth and depth of Niagara’s skilled workforce.


Title: Niagara’s secret superpower in manufacturing
Section: Business
Date: December 2, 2019
Link: Read on The Financial Post Website


Niagara is competing globally in the manufacturing sector and holding its own thanks to a connected and collaborative manufacturing community with a unique camaraderie and support network. As an industrial economic engine, Niagara is in many ways outpacing Ontario. Niagara exports over $4.7 billion in goods to international markets each year, and outperforms Ontario in relative trade.

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